Lake Erken, Sweden, is one of our pilot service lakes and are presently experiencing a strong gloeothricia bloom.

Watch a 1 minute movie clip showing a strong gloeothricia bloom accumulate and disappear in 4 hours at the Erken Laboratory field station (Lake Erken, Sweden) 2019-08-06 between 8 am and 12 am.

A few selected screenshots from the movie clip:

The Erken Laboratory field station is a unit belonging to the Department of Ecology and Genetics at Uppsala University. The station is a SITES node (Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science).

Watch the Live Webcam from the Erken Laboratory field station

Maya Mitell at InfoBaltic was interviewed on Swedish national radio and talked about the CyanoAlert project and asked the public to assist in providing observations on five selected pilot bathing sites in the Baltic Sea.

Listen to the interview (in Swedish)
Länsstyrelsen ska hitta giftiga alger – med hjälp av allmänheten

Read the full announcement from InfoBaltic (in Swedish)
Tala om för oss hur det ser ut vid din badplats utefter kusten!

Figure: The five selected bathing sites in the Baltic Sea: Studentviken (Karlskrona), Tofta (Gotland), Jogersö (Oxelösund), Torpesand (Värmdö) and Trouville (Sandhamn Värmdö).

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